Kampa Pro-2 Radiator Core Cleaning Machine | With Heater
The Kampa Pro-2 Clear Flow machines are machines that are specially manufactured to clean the lime, scale and sediments that gradually accumulate in installations over time. It lets your customers feel your professionalism with its ergonomic structur
The Kampa Pro-2 Clear Flow machines are machines that are specially manufactured to clean the lime, scale and sediments that gradually accumulate in installations over time. It lets your customers feel your professionalism with its ergonomic structure and stylish-look.

 With the Pro-2 installation cleaning machine, you are ensured the perfect cleaning in all areas, from the combi boiler to the cores, from two-storey villas to central system buildings and housings with large installations. It is also used for draining the existing installation water and to pump new water, as a leakage test device, and in the cleaning of all closed-circuit installations. It is a special machine that provides quick and effortless cleaning from a single point with the cleaning, filling, and draining connections found on the machine.  
  You will not experience performance loss and failures over time from chemicals and sediments in the core cleaning device because the motor used in it is a plastic jet engine. The pump is made from plastic that shows the best durability against chemicals and sediments and as such, you will continue with the performance you had on the first day without ever experiencing any performance loss or reduction in the flowrate and pressure of the machine.

The water pumped with the jet pump in Pro-2 is very fast and turbulent in flow. With the help of the chemical used, the lime or sludge layer on the surface is thinned down by the rapid passing and with each sweep and accumulated in the tank of the machine. After the process is completed the water in the installation is drained and new water is pumped. Finally, water in the system is drained and filled with clean water and the application is completed.

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Technicial Specifications

Model : Pro-2
Liquid Tank : 40 Liters
Pressure : 4 Bar
Liquid Flow Rate : 60 Liters/minute
Voltage : 220 Volt 
Engine Power : 600 Watt 0.8 Hp 
Heater Resistance : Var / 2000 Watt
Weight : 19.6 kg
Dimensions (L x D x H) : 35 cm x 45 cm x 75 cm

Product Features

Product Benefits
  • Has 4 bar pressure and 60 l/min water flow rate for flawless cleaning.
  • A 2000 Watt heater resistance is used to heat the water and preserve the heat during cleaning.
  • The machine pump does not experience any jamming problem and does not require maintenance when it is not used for a long time.
  • It has a large and easy-to-lock top cover to control impurities during cleaning and for easy filling.
  • Ease-of-use with its ergonomic structure and professional appearance with its elegant build.
  • The pumps used in our machines are with copper winding and thermic protection features.
  • 100% domestic production and continuous supply of spare parts
  • Our product is under warranty of our company for 2 years.

Fields of Use
  •  In Combi-boilers and condensing boilers (regardless of make and model)
  • In aluminum, cast and panel radiators
  • In iron, copper, plastic pipes
  • In underfloor heating systems
  • In central heating systems
  • In car radiator cleaning
  • In cleaning and filling liquid of solar energy systems with tubes
  • and in the cleaning of closed system operating installations.

Filter and Cover The cover and filter system used in the machine has a very modern and practical structure. Due to the diameter of the filters and covers being 220 mm, it offers easy filling, drainage and monitoring. The cover is easily opened and closed by turning it from left to right and there is an extra lock system for security. The basket filter system has been used for the first time in our machine and is registered. Thanks to the basket filter under the cover, you can see the contamination during operation, clean it and reinstall it again in a very quick and simple manner.

Engine The most important part of installation cleaning machines that ensures the transfer of the liquid, it is the main factor affecting the cleaning performance and quality of the machine. The pump used in our machine is a pump with a power of 0.80 hp capable of producing 4 bar pressure and circulating 60 liters of liquid per minute. Thanks to the pump used, it can clean with maximum efficiency all closed circuit systems from combi boilers to installations, floor heating and central systems. All parts of the pump that come into contact with the liquid are made of plastic and stainless material, so you can use it for a long time like its the first day without any breakdown or performance loss due to the chemicals used in cleaning and the residues that pass through it. The pump is copper winding and thermally protected.

Pressure Gauge (Manometer) When performing core cleaning, the manometer on the machine will give us information such as the operating pressure and efficiency of the machine and whether there is a blockage in the system. The lower pressure the machine operates in, the better the cleaning it will perform, because it will transfer plenty of water and it shows that there is no blockage in the system. If there is a blockage in the system, the pressure of the machine will increase, the core will be cleaned and the blockage will be removed until the pressure returns to a normal level. The machine automatically adjusts its pressure according to the constraint in the system, no manual intervention is required.

Temperature Display (Thermometer) Our core cleaning machine uses a temperature display to monitor the temperature of the circulated liquid during cleaning. This temperature display allows you to monitor the temperature of the liquid and to intervene or to adjust the temperature according to your needs. As seen in the picture, the product is placed carefully on the device, as the product is nested on the machine, it is designed not to be damaged from the machine falling over or receiving an impact.

Scope Of Delivery
  • Kampa Pro-2 Core cleaning machine
  • 2 x 2.5 meter round-trip hoses
  • 1 x 3 meter discharge hose
  • 2 x Wheel
  • 1 x Basket Filter