Kampa Ventilation and Irrigation Systems Ind. Trade Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 1995 as a specialist pump and fan distributor. Having taken a step to e-commerce in 2011, Kampa Ventilation and Irrigation Systems Ind. Trade Co. Ltd., acquired a sales and support office alongside our main office in Bursa. With the support office, we provide service and support to our customers.

With the service area, which is again located in Bursa, we provide on-site consulting, trouble-shooting, and support services with our staff that is fully equipped for pump and fan installation, maintenance and testing.

In the first quarter of 2012, RD works began on the Kampa Pro-1 Core Cleaning Machine. Mass production began in the second quarter. Kampa, which develops itself based on user experiences, began works on the Pro-2, Pro-3 and Pro-4 models immediately after the Pro-1 model. Having set out with its principle of bringing your needs together with the best products, Kampa Core Cleaning Machines, whose RD works were completed in 2012, are Turkey's first domestic production core cleaning machines.

Kampa, which is company that develops and improves itself on a daily basis with its young and dynamic staff, aims to catch up with the requirements of the times and technology in its productions.