Kampa 25 liter System Protection Chemical
The system protection chemical protects your installation from all harmful substances.
It is a chemical we produced to protect older installations and to prevent lime, scale, sediment and sludge problems in installations, combi-boilers and condensing boilers of new buildings with new heating systems that shall start to be newly used.
It is especially very useful for preventing the formation of sludge in the underfloor heating systems. Periodic renewal every year will keep the entire system protected for the duration of its working life.

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Technicial Specifications

Fields of Use

  • Can be used safely in central systems
  • Chiller groups
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Any brand of Combi-boilers and boilers
  • Radiator and panels.

Product Features
  Product Benefits It is used to protect first time operating heating systems and after chemical washing of already operating heating systems. The system protection chemical is used to protect and prevent lime, scale, sediment and sludge problems that may arise in installations, combi-boilers and condensing boilers. As it is for protection and because it prevents rotting and lime, it also saves you money. The cleaner the water is, the faster and trouble-free the recirculation is. It conveys the heat directly to the surrounding because the recirculation is fast. Thus it saves money by using less energy and less fuel. In order to pay less for better heating, it is essential to regularly clean heating systems.
 System Protection Chemical Application
Can be used safely in central systems
Chiller groups
Heating cooling systems
Cooling towers
Floor heating systems
Every brand combi boiler and boiler
Radiators and panels.
In old systems, the system protection chemical is added to the installation after the cleaning process and the system is purged of substances harmful for the system. The cleaning and protection of your system is performed from the centre of the system. There are no operations such as breaking, drilling, dumping.