Kampa DC 2-15 Core Cleaning Machine One-Way Combi, Installation, Heat Exchanger, Auto Radiator
Kampa DC 2-15 machine is a specially produced machine for cleaning lime, rust and residues that occur in installations over time. With its ergonomic structure and stylish appearance, it makes your customer feel professional.

Kampa DC 2-15 Heater Core Cleaning Machine Information

Kampa dc 2-15 Heating Core cleaning machine model allows you to perform detailed cleaning while cleaning the combi boiler, core and installation with chemicals.
It has been specially produced to easily carry out operations such as draining the installation water and filling new water.
There are cleaning, filling and emptying connections on the machine. In this way, it can clean effortlessly and quickly from a single point.
With its vertical motor structure, it is resistant to chemicals and you will not experience problems such as jamming and air generation.
If you continue to use it with the same performance for many years.
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Kampa DC 2-15 Petek Temizleme Makinesi Özellikleri; 
Kampa DC 2-15 Petek Temizleme Makinesi Özellikler

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Technicial Specifications

Kampa DC 2-15 Heater Core Cleaning Machine Technical Specifications

Model : Kampa DC 2-15 
Liquid Tank : 15 Liters
Pressure : 1 Bar
Liquid Flow Rate : 90 Liters / Minute
Voltage : 220 Volt 
Engine Power : 370 Watt
Power Cable Lenght : 1.5 Metre Plug Cable
Weight : 15 kg
Dimensions (L x D x Y) : 48 cm x 40 cm x 51 cm

Product Features
Kampa DC 2-15 Petek Temizleme Makinesi Motor


It is the most important part of the machine that ensures the delivery of liquid in plumbing cleaning machines. The main factor affecting the cleaning performance and quality of the machine.
Thanks to the pump used, all closed-circuit systems such as boiler cleaning, installation, floor heating, central system are cleaned with maximum efficiency. The pump has copper winding and thermal protection.
 Two Way Backwash
Thanks to the double direction feature of the plumbing cleaning machine, it cleans the system efficiently in both directions. The advantage of being double-sided is that when the machine presses the water from one direction all the time, the pollution in the installation may collect at one point and may not come out, thanks to the backwash feature, when we give the liquid from the reverse side, it mixes the inside and takes these impurities. Double-sided honeycomb cleaning machines clean 26% better than unidirectional ones.
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Kampa DC 2-15 Heater Core Cleaning Machine Advantages

  • For a perfect cleaning, 1 bar pressure and 90 l/min. It has water flow.
  • There is no jamming problem in the pump of the machine and it does not require maintenance when it is not used for a long time.
  • It offers easy use with its ergonomic and stylish structure, so add professionalism to your work.
  • The pumps used in the machine have copper winding and thermal protection.
  • It is a light and easy to carry device with a weight of 15 kg.
  • 100% domestic production and continuous spare parts supply
  • Our product is under the guarantee of our company for 1 year.

Kampa DC 2-15 Heater Core Cleaning Machine Usage Area

  • Combi boilers and condensing boilers (brand model does not matter),
  • In aluminum, cast and panel radiators,
  • In iron, copper, plastic pipes,
  • In underfloor heating systems,
  • In auto radiator cleaning,
  • It can be used to clean the closed system operating installations.
Kampa DC 2-15 Petek Temizleme Makinesi Kullanım Alanları
Kampa DC 2-15 Oto Radyatör, Petek Temizleme Makinesi teslimat kapsamı

Kampa DC 2-15 Heater Core Cleaning Machine Scope of Delivery

  • Kampa DC 2-15 Core Cleaning Machine
  • 2 pcs 2,5 meter return hoses